How do you install it?

Izen Apollo bidet replaces the toilet seat. The main steps are: 1) remove existing toilet seat. 2) screw in Izen Apollo toilet seat. 3) Connect provided water tubes to water supply to toilet tank. Only tools you would need are a wrench and a screw driver. You would need about 20 mins.

Who will love this as a Christmas present?

The early adopter tech smart gadget loving man - he who can appreciate the toilet as a Throne that must provide ultimate comfort and unquestionable cleanliness.

Women - They will love the warm seat and gentle feminine wash feature is something she can't live without. Always fresh and clean, especially during her menstrual  period.

Elderly - Apollo smart toilet seat is a must-have for older man or woman, especially for geriatric patients or older person with physical impairments.

I never used a bidet before, does it hurt?

No, it feels amazing, like a shower. We also created 5 water pressure settings, so you can always start at the lowest setting to get used to the sensation.

Would the wand get dirty?

No. First, the wand is always hidden away inside the bidet seat when it is not in use. Then before and after each use, the self-cleaning mechanism washes the inside and outside of the wand to get rid of any potential debris. Finally, the wand is made with highly hygienic anti-stick, anti-bacteria material.

Apollo re-designed the nozzle tip so the users can detach the tip by turning it counter-clockwise and attach back to the nozzle by turning it clockwise. It can be washed under water. 

Do I still need toilet paper?

Not for cleaning, but a tiny bit of paper can be used to quickly dry off after washing. We highly recommend the built-in air dryer.

Where are Apollo bidets made?

We are a Korean manufacturer. Before we started selling under our own brand, we used to make bidets for major Korean companies like Samsung. Our bidet seats are actually found in over 30 countries under various brands.

Does this fit my toilet?

95% of toilets are compatible, some odd shapes like square or curved toilets are not supported. Double check the size you need. The mounting plate has up to 1 inch of adjustment room to accommodate slight variations in different toilets. Please see photos of installation in our Support page.


Customers typically receive their package within 3-5 business days.