LG 김치 냉장고 Specialty Food (Kimchi & Sushi) Refrigerator, 11.7 cu.ft.


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LG 김치 냉장고 Specialty Food (Kimchi & Sushi) Refrigerator, 11.7 cu.ft. 



LG 김치 냉장고 Specialty Food (Kimchi & Sushi) Refrigerator, 11.7 cu.ft.

This 3-Door Specialty Food (Kimchi & Sushi) Refrigerator features Freezer/Fridge Convertible zone, Fresh Air Filter, 10 Airtight containers, and ThinQ® Technology.

- Speciality Food Cooling :   Each storage area has individual temperature control to provide customized preservation for various types of items such as meat and cheese, wine and beer, and pickled foods like Kimchi.

- Freshness Guard Covers:    Keep cold air in the fridge areas that are frequently opened. Freshness guard covers reduce cold air loss when users open the two top doors.

- Fresh Lock Covers:  Maintain constant temperature and humidity levels. The lattice design on the underside of the cover helps maintain high humidity.

- Unique Storage Bins: 10 air-tight bin compartments allow for the organized storage of food. Providing approximately 127 liters of storage capacity, the unique bin design locks in food freshness and conceals odours.

- Reduce Fridge Odours with Fresh Air Filter:  Minimize refrigerator odours with this air filtration system. A fan actively forces air through the carbon deodoriser and re-circulates it back across the shelves.

- CustomChill™ Drawers:  The CustomChill™ drawers provide storage space with variable temperature control. Use them to store produce meat/fish, or rice/grain.

- Convenient Multipurpose Compartments:   The temperatures of the drawers can be set for kimchi, vegetables, fruit, meat or fish. Use the compartment at the top of the appliance to freeze food or to refrigerate fresh food or kimchi.